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Data input of Tools

Post by WeBrainTool » Mon May 24, 2021 9:09 pm

Currently, in the WeBrain, EEG data of each subject should be zipped as a separated zip file ONLY. For example, a zip file of EEG data (one subject) can be a ‘’, which contains all EEG files generated by EEG system (e.g. files of BrainProduct EEG system: sub_01.dat, sub_01.vhdr and sub_01.vmrk) or a folder consisting of the EEG files. Here, 3 types of EEG data structures are supported in the WeBrain.
1) Associated with the WeBrain platform, a new and more flexible data structure, named the Standard EEG Data Structure (SEDS) is suggested. It is proposed to meet the needs of both small-scale EEG data batch processing in single-site studies and large-scale EEG data sharing and analysis in single-/multisite studies (especially on cloud platforms). Two versions (MATLAB and Docker versions) of the EEG Datafile Restructuring Toolbox (DRT) have been developed to restructure EEG data files according to the SEDS. The DRT GUI (MATLAB version) dramatically reduces the time required for novice researchers, while the DRT (Docker version) is more efficient for experienced researchers. All materials including SEDS documents, tools, example datasets, etc., are available on the WeBrain website ( and Wiki ( More details about the SEDS can be seen in the paper: Li Dong et al., 2021, DRT: A New Toolbox for the Standard EEG Data Structure in Large-scale EEG Applications, submitted.
2) As an extension to the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) Specification for EEG, BIDS-EEG has been supported in the WeBrain. EEG data files could be reorganized as BIDS-EEG using BIDS-MATLAB-TOOLS ( ... st_all.php) first, and then zipped as a zip files and uploaded to the WeBrain. More details about BIDS-EEG can be seen in the paper Pernet, C. R., et al. (2019). "EEG-BIDS, an extension to the brain imaging data structure for electroencephalography." Sci Data 6(1): 103.
3) For small-scale EEG data, data files could be directly zipped as a zip file by hand. The zip file should contain all EEG files generated by EEG system or a folder consisting of the EEG files.

Warning: DO NOT enter any blank spaces in the input file names!!! If there are any blank spaces in the file names, the WeBrain system will rename EEG data file names (it may lead to unexpected errors).

It is strongly suggested to reorganize EEG data files using offline tools before uploading these files to the WeBrain platform.

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